Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life is full of change

Ryder is 8 Weeks old:

Ryder was 8 weeks old on Monday. How time flies! He is really interacting with us and having baby "conversations." You know, you make a noise or talk and he responds with a noise. This is SO much fun. He really gets into it at changing time. Sometimes he gets so into the giggling that he throws his head back in delight as we are laughing and interacting with him.

He is also learning more about those 5 fingers attached to him. I find him taking his fist towards his pacifier if it falls out. I've noticed in the car that he is completely content playing with his hands. Just moving them and watching them move in amazement.

I've been trying to learn more about how to use my camera better with Ryder. A few friends started a great blog to share their knowledge as photographers:

And one of the pictures of Ryder I took is posted. His are the cute little hands (7th)

Back to work:

On Monday we also went back to work. It has definitely been an adjustment. Ryder was quite alert and aware of the new surroundings Monday. I could tell he was taking in all the sounds and smells that are associated with work. A new house, new people, new animals...etc.

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