Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 - A Year in Review (part 2)

June 2012:

Those beautiful blue eyes enjoying a day at the park with cousins

 Learning how to jump in gym class

Lovin all the fun toys he gets to play with in gym class 

 What to get into next?

July 2012:

Driving my first boat while enjoying 4th of July in Big Bear

 He just looks so grown up here.  Where did the time go?

 All smiles, as usual

August 2012:

 Watching Andy Z, a great kids musician that is also a local Redwood City native

Enjoying the Lego Jeep, what boy wouldn't?

September 2012:

Trying our the fire equipment.  One of the many things we got to see while visiting the choo choo trains

October 2012:

Lovin all the water play in the backyard this year! 

 Amazed by all the boats and skiers at Ski West

First trick-or-treating

November 2012:

Aunt Ashley showing Ryder the ways of the iphone

What you get when trying to get 3 to sit for a picture.  note, this was the best of 10 

Christmas 2012:

Santa, Santa, Santa !

2012 - A Year in Review

Life goes so fast and seems to go warp speed when you add a toddler.  I wanted to spend some time this holiday going back through pictures and capturing the small moments we had this last year.  Ryder was almost 2 last Christmas and it seems he has grown be leaps and bounds this year.  Here is December 2011 - May 2012:

Christmas 2011:

Ryder loved santa and we got lots of great pictures of him admiring all that facial hair.

Christmas at the Taylor's homes in southern California meant lots of cousin time and a very tired family after running after all those kids!

 Enjoying the amazing Christmas weather in san Diego with the Olsens on the beach.

January 2012:

Birthday festivities with the Taylors just moments before the frosting got in the eyes and the moment was over.

Ryder's actual birthday required a few great shots to capture the day

February 2012:

Chunky baby cheeks are just the best ! 

A great smile and giggle from the most happy child I know.  I get comments daily from friends and strangers about just how happy Ryder is.  What a blessing :)

March 2012:

We spend a lot of our time at the park, so these two are fitting.  Ryder loves to swing and now picks the swing he wants. 

A little cold, but still at the park.  Getting our energy takes precedent to weather conditions.

April 2012:

Easter in San Francisco enjoying the Cable Cars.  He was glued to the window the whole ride! 

Playing in the backyard with the cats and toys

May 2012:

Hanging at the beach before work and enjoying that view!

Graduation - enough said!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 2012

Figuring out the fork:

Enjoying a few minutes in the sand:

Block head and some attempts at capturing the teeth:

Our climber:

Hours of pinwheel fun:

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Masters of Arts in Elementary Education

After a semester here and there I finally finished my masters degree.  It was hard to do a thesis on education while I was not working in a classroom, but I found a way around it.  I used the beliefs Town School's all boys curriculum was based on and went about finding if it was researched based.  I learned a great deal of information about teaching boys and feel well prepared for finding the best fit for Ryder when he is school aged.

 Our amazing dinner at The Cliff house in San Francisco.  Beautiful weather and family to celebrate with.  The perfect day!