Monday, March 28, 2011

Grandma's Week

Grandma Time:

A month ago I got a much anticipated call from my mom. "I can't wait 2 months!" She had plane tickets to come see Ryder every two months. I knew she couldn't wait that long, but I wanted to see if she could. Sure enough I got the call that she was missing her little guy. She gets to see Weston and Hunter a lot, so I knew it would be hard for her with us living so far away. She came up for a quick trip to hold Ryder as much as possible. It was such a fast trip we never took a picture :(

After my mom left, Cathy Colombo arrived for her Ryder time. She too held Ryder every waking hour he was awake and not nursing. She hadn't seen him since the day he was born, so she was itching to spend as much time as possible with the little guy. He has gotten quite talkative. He loves to make noises in response to talking. He really had a blast babbling to Cathy and showing off his giggles and smiles.

Diaper Date Night:

We had a great date night out with Ryder last Tuesday. A local theater designates four shows per month as baby friendly. They advertise it as Diaper Days or Diaper Date Night depending on the time of day. Jason and I hadn't been out to a movie in a while, so it was a welcome treat. There were only 6 families there. Most of them with small children that weren't walking yet. There was one little guy that was walking, but he never bothered anyone.

We saw Rango and Ryder enjoyed most of it. I was surprised to see how interested in watching the screen he was. He sat on my lap and started at the screen for half the movie. The other half he nursed and slept, but I'm sure he doesn't mind missing the movie.

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