Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gifts for Guests

This is a category that has unlimited options. You can get all crafty and DIY. You can get creative with your theme. You can go with useful or yummy or decorative and funny.

We wanted to go with our theme and still have something useful that everyone could take home as a thank you. We will be puting them on each place setting at the reception. You can also leave them in a big basket on the guestbook table since guests stop there as they come in.

Craft stores and websites have lots of ideas. There are also promo codes you can get from wedding websites that can reduce your cost.

We ultimately chose a cruise ship shaped luggage tag to go along with the cruise ship we were getting married on. They were a hit and actually useful!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rerearsal Dinner

Full Dinner or Lunch or Cocktails?

This may seem simple, but there are more combination than you think. You have another venue to choose, more food choices and many different time slots to choose from.

Less expensive choices give you lunch menus or heavy appetizers at dinner time. These are great ways to cut cost and still get everyone together to celebrate.

We found a local brewery that was more casual and priced competitively for dinner. They were a couple dollars more than their competitors and when i mentioned this they nocked off the per person room charge to make their price even with their competitors.

Who do you invite? We found that most people invite the wedding party and all of the out of town guests. This give all of your out of town guests one more event to attend while in town to celebrate with you, soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hair and Makeup

Is it worth the $ when the cake will get smeared into it and kissed off?

YES! You gotta look good in those pictures! You will have your wedding pictures forever and it is the one day to splurge. I found a girl at my friend's salon that has been doing weddings for about a year. What I like is that she does hair and makeup. She already had me give her details on what i wanted and inspiration pictures so that she can plan.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pew on Pew clips

Pew clips or bows or flowers or ?

I am not a very flower or bow kinda girl. So this search has been hard. The lovely picture to the right is from my friends wedding. I went through all my old wedding pictures for inspiration too. Thanks to my cousin, we found some unique ideas that are totally diy! Handmade crafty projects on Etsy are an amazing inspiration!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Programs, Menues, Escort Cards...Oh my!

We started to look at all the (possibly) unnecessary paper and fluff that some weddings have. How can we simplify this and make it Us?

We are thinking of going without a program due to the short ceremony. We want to introduce our wedding party and think a card at the reception would do the job.

Escort cards vs table lists: To me this it like "many pieces of tiny papers to cut and write on" VS "ten lists printed and put in ten frames." Can you see where we are headed with this?