Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6 Weeks

"Right around the 6 week mark you may want to flush your baby down the toilet. Please don't. This too shall pass." These were the words our pediatrician told us in the hospital. It is all about the ebb and flow of the developing little guy we brought home 6 weeks ago.

I have been hearing it for weeks from other mommies in the groups I have started attending in our town. It seems like everyone has experienced a huge change in sleeping, eating, socializing, crankyness...etc. right around the 6 week mark. Typically there is a growth spurt around 6 weeks that spurs this all on. So, right when there seems to be some sort of a "normal," they change it up on you.
Take for instance today, Ryder slept and nursed through most of the Sequoia New Parent group for 2 hours and then coffee afterward for an hour. Normally he has long awake times with me during the day to play and interact and smile. Then we had a newborn photo session planned. (Not to self - planning with a newborn doesn't work) He cried through 90% of the session. So, we'll see what the photographer can cobble together from the few moments of silence that we had.
These changes will continue to come when I least expect them. I have been enjoying the company, companionship and knowledge of all the women i have met in my Redwood City Mothers Club and at the Sequoia Hospital's New Parent Group. I encourage any new mom to find a group to be a part of. The knowledge that is learned is amazing and the reassurance that this is normal is usually all you need to get back on track.

Ryder and Odin's playdate late last week:
The boys enjoyed staring at each other in the mirror

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