Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to say "Thank You"

You obviously owe a serious thank you to everyone, but who deserves a gift?

To our guest we found a useful wedding favor that we will give our at the reception. They also go with our theme :)

To our wedding party, we have found personal gifts that they all can use. The girls have something that compliments their beautiful dresses. The boys are being taken care of by my man. And he's a man. So, these have not been purchased

To the parents.....still working on that. How do you thank all the late night phone calls, extra errands, and possibly monetary help?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flower Girls

We decided to chose some very experiences flower girls! They have been in both of their aunts' weddings, were so well behaved, and were the first on the dance floor!

They also already have dresses - double bonus! We chose beautiful sashes to match our wedding with some fancy beading and they are all set.

Just like the bridesmaids, you could choose dresses that they can easily wear again for another occasion. Either way I'm sure they will get a lot of use out the dresses for dress up!

A great gitf for your first time flower girl? I found beautiful books that would help the girls learn about their dutiesbe and be great keepsakes for the girls to remoise about the occasion. For my girls the treat of some makeup and lip gloss will tickle them silly!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mother of the Bride

What would you do without her...SCREAM! My mom has been my eyes and ears and wheels in the city I am getting married in.

I was curious what she would decide on as a dress for the wedding. Short, long, covered, sexy....

We got to enjoy an impromptu mother of the bride dress search after I tried on dresses. I was ecstatic to see my mom all dressed up in a floor length gown. And she is going strapless! She found a cute sheer bolero jacket to wear that will not make her hot but will cover her arms slightly. Boy are the guest in for a stunning mother of the bride!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Kind of Music

What says you? A DJ that can play whatever you want, a band that has the amazing live vibe or the ipod that plays with little help. There is no right answer. Just the choice that works for you.

We chose an experienced DJ that will help us choose the songs that work best with us. He will get detailed information about the wedding party and the pronunciation of all their names. He has the time line and is in charge of keeping everything flowing smoothly. He is the internal clock that works to make the whole thing go smoothly.

I had the benefit of also seeing him do two other wedding. I encourage you to go see your band or dj in action to see if that is the experience you want your guests to have.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Flowers, candles, plants, colors, gifts, too much to decide! At this point I have found many great inspirations:

- Topiary in the shape of a hears: cute, easy, won't wilt like flowers
- Flowers are so sensitive to light and water and temperature after being cut. Do I want to deal with that?
- Candles are easy and give off great mood lighting.

Should we give away our centerpiece to the guests? We'll decide that when we decide what in the world we are doing.

Trying to save money? We are doing our flowers ourselves thanks to a college friend that is teaching us how to arrange flowers. She even offered to come by the day of the wedding to help if we need it.