Tuesday, March 22, 2011

7 Weeks

We are still in the midst of our growth spurt. Lots of eating and growing and fussiness. It is great to have Jason home in the evening to take Ryder for a bit. But it typically doesn't last long. He wants to nurse within an hour and I get a few things done and then I'm back on duty.

Changing time is getting to be so much fun. Ryder coos and giggles and plays. We have fun taking turns. I make a noise, wait and he responds with a noise, smile and giggle. I love the interaction that we are beginning to have. You can see him wanting to respond and be a part of our world.

Ryder is beginning to use his hands. He tries to put his pacifier back in my using his fist close to his mouth. I've been told that the WubbaNub will help him get his pacifier back in his mouth. What a great invention !

He is able to entertain himself a little bit now. This quiet alert time is fun to watch. He is just looking around the room exploring everything with his eyes. I even got out of the shower one day (thinking he was asleep) and came in to him smiling and looking around the room. Wide awake and totally content.

We have introduced the bottle to Ryder. I am scared about this a little. We waited until he was 6 weeks old to try it. I want to be able to feed him a bottle at work between 3:30 and 6:30 when I have the boys. I think it'll make me more available to the boys and allow me to get my work done in a more timely fashion. We tested out LOTS of nipples to find the slowest flow possible. Wish us luck...lol

The pictures in today's post are from out newborn session last week. These were the few decent ones we got in between screams. Shannon did an amazing job with the few minutes of quiet we had. Shannon Cassidy Photography, San Carlos CA

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