Monday, January 31, 2011

Cloth Diapers

1) check this site out:
Check out all 8 pages under "new to cloth diapers"

2) Ask people! I talked to a lot of people about what they use and why. Another great resource is a local moms group. a lot of the women in my group cloth diaper so we've talked a lot about our choices.

3) try them. Granola Babies - down by my mom - has a package where you pay $25 and do a $100 deposit. you get 7 cloth diapers to try. all different brands. then you try them and return what you don't like. then the $100 goes to buying what you like. Very similar package available through Everything

I didn't have that option here. so try craigslist....used baby store....etc. but remember the ones you buy on there may be worn out. but try them for the fit, the use (do you like how they get put together)...etc.

4) buy a few. I'll give you a code for they are the cheapest!

Cloth diaper FAQ:
(that is from the blog of the woman doing my cloth diaper party)

Other helpful websites for cloth diapers:
(recommended by christine)

Detergents: (BumGenius sent this to me)

Awesome Rash Cream that does much more than the toosh:

All brands have you wash them multiple times to get them ready for use. I wash all of mine together. I use Planet soap because it is easy to find. but you have to use a tiny, tiny bit in the wash! I had ordered tiny bubbles (months ago from, but i just finished that box. I wanted to find something i could get at a store.

For washing, they all are similar steps: first wash off any large stuff (we do that in the bathroom sink but have a diaper sprayer for when we start solids). Some people do not do this with breast milk poop and it comes off fine. Then they sit in a wet bag (link below, you'll want one for your diaper bag too). Then we wash 2-3 days of diapers at a time. Cold rinse, no detergent. Hot wash with detergent. This 2nd cycle i do on a stain cycle that is longer and seems to help. If you see any suds (you can see in the front load machines) you need to rinse more and next time use less detergent.

wet bags:
diaper bag size:

2-3 day size:
(i love this since it has on the door knob of the bathroom)

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