Friday, January 14, 2011

38 Weeks...really?

Boy how time flies! I still can't believe we could have a new addition to our family any day now. Though I do hope he waits until he's ready. And being a boy, he most likely will be late. My Dr. said she'll let me go to 41 weeks. So, lets hope he makes his appearance so we don't get induced. Jason was 4 weeks early and I was 1.5 weeks late. So who knows :)

Everything has still been good with the weekly non-stress tests and ultrasounds. He has plenty of amniotic fluid to keep him safe. He made quite a bit of movement at this week's non-stress test so we only had to stay for 20 minutes. That was a welcome treat. No boring hour in the hospital waiting for him to wake up like last week.

The nursery is set up and usable. Just not decorated yet. Jason is designing some large canvas art for the walls that we can take with us since we are renting. If we owned our house he would have done all four wall in a mural like he has done in the past for family.

Here are some pictures of the crib and airplane bedding, the dresser, and the glider:

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  1. The bedding looks awesome...just ready for your lil bug to curl up in it!