Friday, January 21, 2011

39 weeks and feeling GOOD!

I've started to get lots of emails, calls and fb posts asking how I am, so I figured I'd answer all these inquiring minds.

Me: I'm 2cm. I was 1 cm the last 2 weeks. I am still feeling good and getting stuff done to prepare for the baby. I got a prescription strength hearburn med after the rest stopped working so I am able to get decent sleep. That definitely helps me wake up feeling refreshed and able to get on with my day.

We met with our doula last Sunday and i have a list of things to do to help get this guy out if I get to 40 weeks without any more change.

Him: He's still very active in my belly and his movements are definately more noticable because he's bigger. My ultrasound Thursday showed there is still plenty of amniotic fluid, so he's fine in there. He is definitely comfy in there. He was sucking on his wrist during the ultrasound. My Dr. said that 1st ones tend to be a bit lazy and come late. and sometimes never grow out of

If i get to next week i'll stop work next friday (Jan 28th - our due date) and spend the next week trying to get him out!

Here is a sneak peek at one of the pictures from my maternity shoot last week:

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