Monday, January 3, 2011

The Home Stretch

37 weeks and counting!

So much has happened the last few weeks. We had 2 baby showers, then moved, then attempted to unpack. And here we are. We unpacked the necessities and left lots in boxes. Extra baking dishes, loads of framed pictures, vases, and scrapbooking can wait. Thanks to having a garage, we have a place to store all this out of site.

We have been working on the baby's room a lot. We set up the crib last week and went out and purchased all the little things we need to have for the first few days the little guy is home. Friday we went on a search for a dresser and got an amazing deal on a large cherry dresser to match the crib that was over 50% off! I spent a lot of the weekend washing all the cloth baby items to have them nice and soft and dye free for the baby's sensitive skin. We worked on our binder of papers we want to bring to the hospital and the list of items to pack in our bag for the hospital. We also got all the thank you notes written for all the gifts our little dude has received. We still need to get the carseat installed and finish up the room as the rest of the items arrive that we ordered.

As for me, I'm feeling pretty darn well. I get heartburn in the evenings and that has gotten a bit worse this last week. My plantar fasciitis came roaring back when I was on my feet getting ready for our move and as we unpacked. So, I take lots of breaks to rest my feet and they are almost back to normal.

Our little guy moves around constantly. I love feeling him push and hiccup and turn and roll. I had my first non-stress test today and he didn't disappoint. He showed the Dr. that he is doing well!

December 7th I became an auntie again! Brandon and Ashley welcomed Weston James Taylor into their family. If you'd like to follow their family too and see pictures of the little guy here is their blog:

this specific post is introducing Weston with lots of pictures. you can click on "home" or "the taylor's" at the top to go to the most recent posts.

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