Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hump Day

He's still cute blurry, right?

I think we are finally on the other side of the hump. It sure was and uphill battle. We still have bumps in the road but I think we are on our way down to a happy Ryder. I have been incredibly strict with what I eat and it has made a world of difference. I've learned a lot about the many words that mean milk and soy in ingredients. I've also learned that foods you never thought could have milk still can. Salami has milk in it...who knew?

So many mommy friends are going back to work. I met up with Rina and Odin this week before she went back to work. Both boys love putting things in their mouth...even eachother! I don't thing either realized what was going on.

Ryder is really using his hands now. He used to just knock things off his bumbo tray. But this week he really started to pick things up and play with them. He does the same in his carseat with his plastic rings. He even fell asleep with his hand around the rings on Monday.

Ryder and I enjoyed a movie last Saturday. We went to see Rio along with many other families with kids. The movie showing was designed for families. They turned down the music a bit and turned up the lights a bit. Ryder and I got to see and hear the whole movie even with that many kids. It was quite a treat!

Jason, Ryder and Raster enjoying their bath. Ryder loves to kick and splash so the sink is totally out of the question now. Last time I bathed him in the sink we had water on the counters, cupboards, floor and on all of my cloths. But Ryder was giggling the whole time!

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