Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

April brought one of my favorite holidays.  Easter!  We had so much fun celebrating with Ryder.  Last year he was too small to enjoy it.  But Alan, Julie and Ashley made sure he had an Easter basket!  He still enjoys all of his bath toys he got last year.

This year we celebrated with my family in SF.  We played with the basket of stuff all day.  He loved the crinkly paper, the Toy Story talking book and the school bus.  Still one of his favorites today.

We enjoyed a great family Easter event in Golden Gate Park.  Ryder loved the Easter bunny, but was definitely liking the frog.  He wanted to bite him.

They had these amazing giant tinker toys that Ryder had a blast building with.  He would take apart and put together ant pieces that he could get to fit.

They had an easter egg hunt for the little kids.  But this is the only egg Ryder was interested in:

The pitting zoo area was a hit with Ryder.  Unfortunately he wanted to eat them all instead of petting them:

Ryder really enjoyed riding the train with nana:

We spent the rest of our Easter enjoying playing tourist in SF.  We rode the glass elevators (where Ryer's eyes are huge!) and the cable cars.  The Cable cars were a for sure hit!

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