Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swinging, Swimming and Sand

Now that Ryder is able to sit up and interact with his surrounding we are finding more and more places to go explore. We go to the library for story time, enjoy swimming with the rubber duckies, have play dates and hang with mom. Pretty great life I'd say!

Ryder still has amazing blue eyes and we hope he keeps them. Jason and I have Green, so who knows!

Ryder had been swaddled up until a week or so. He loved it and it was a good signal to sleep. until he woke up from a nap and turned over still swaddled. That first night unswaddled was a little scary. Would he sleep? He did ! It wasn't as bad as i thought. I layed him down on his back. He flipped to his belly and fell fast asleep.

Ryder has definitely found out how fun his hands can be. They can entertain him for a long period of time. He chews, licks, sucks, and stares at them. I find him in his car-seat staring at his own hand moving.

We have enjoyed the mom/baby swim at our local pool this summer. Ryder loves the water and loves to kick. They fill the pool up with little rubber duck and the kids play with them and swim after them. Ryder just chews on them. It is only 45 minutes, but Ryder was all wrinkly after his first trip.

We joined an old coworker in San Francisco last week at Alta Vista Park. A great SF park that has massive structures and play equipment for all ages. It is all fenced in for James who sure took off running as soon as we got there. This is Ryder playing with sand for the first time. And yes, he ate some too. Everything goes in the mouth!

We love to go to Maddux Park to play in the swings and squirm around on the play equipment. Ryder giggles up a storm when i push his swing. This park will be great as he gets older and more mobile because it is fenced in!

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