Thursday, April 7, 2011

Come See Ryder!

I'll be at my parents house this Friday-Monday with Ryder! Ryder gets to meet his cousins, Hunter (almost 2) and Weston (4 months). He also gets to see GG (Grandma Taylor). Ryder is GG's 3rd grandson in 2 years and has 1 more grand baby on the way in June.

On Sunday we are having an open house for family and friends to come by and meet the little guy. There are just too many people to try to meet them all separately. If you are in town, come on by!

What Ryder is up to:

Sit Ups
If I lay Ryder down to play he loves to raise his head off the ground and do sit ups. It sure is impressive how strong he is! He is really enjoying tummy time more since he hand hold his head up higher and for longer periods of time.

His Hands
Ryder is using his hands more and more purposefully. I have caught him in the car mirror trying to put his pacifier back in. Though he doesn't use his fingers yet, he is quite good at using his fist to push the pacifier towards his mouth. Sometimes he makes it, sometimes not.

Ryder also has been grabbing hanging objects. His play gym and car seat have items dangling for him to stare at. He is now trying to swat at and/or grab these. This has made car rides much easier. He is amused for a while by the bright yellow handing duck. Plus, if he gets ahold of it he hears the crinkle noise of the ducks feet!

Yes, he sleeps well for mommy and daddy at night. We are so thankful! We get anywhere from 6-9 hours of sleep from the little guy at night. I guess I should have knocked on wood last night as i wrote this. Ryder was up at 4am. Lets hope this doesn't become a trend.

Ryder and Mitch hanging out at the Sequoia New Parent group

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