Monday, November 29, 2010


31 Weeks:

We spent the holiday in southern CA with the Taylor family. Dinner was spent with 18 family and friends spread out on two tables. It was so fun to get so many people together in one place. I am so Thankful that both of my grandmas were there to celebrate with us! This picture is of my brother, my cousin Kendra and my cousin Cory. Sorry, I didn't get the black and white

Another belly picture, this time with Ashley! Little Weston has stayed put and made it to 38 weeks. We thought it would be interesting to compare our two bellies. It is quite entertaining since Ashley is much more petite than me and therefore is carring the little guy all out front. I am so curious how big i will be and how big I will feel when I am in her shoes at 38 weeks.

Can't wait to be an auntie again - any day now!

Keep posted for our 32 week ultrasound later this week!

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  1. 32 weeks Ohh my this has gone fast (for me LOL) i hope you are doing very well!!