Sunday, November 21, 2010

Moving up and moving out!

30 Weeks !

Life is never dull around here. We've outgrown our 2 bedroom apartment and are moving up! Yep, we found a 3 bedroom duplex to bring our little guy home to. So, instead of setting up all the baby stuff...I am packing it all up. We move December 11th, so there is little time to pack with 2 baby showers coming up.

As for the baby, I have been enjoying an ever expanding waistband and a very active boy. He is the most active when i relax and sit or lay down. He must have a lot of room in there because it feels like he is doing somersaults in there some days. Jason enjoys coming right up to my belly and talking to the little guy. Sometimes Jason even gets a response. A little kick to let him know he got the point.

We are excited to spend time with our families for all the holidays coming up. This will be the last time we are a party of 2.

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