Monday, December 24, 2012

2012 - A Year in Review (part 2)

June 2012:

Those beautiful blue eyes enjoying a day at the park with cousins

 Learning how to jump in gym class

Lovin all the fun toys he gets to play with in gym class 

 What to get into next?

July 2012:

Driving my first boat while enjoying 4th of July in Big Bear

 He just looks so grown up here.  Where did the time go?

 All smiles, as usual

August 2012:

 Watching Andy Z, a great kids musician that is also a local Redwood City native

Enjoying the Lego Jeep, what boy wouldn't?

September 2012:

Trying our the fire equipment.  One of the many things we got to see while visiting the choo choo trains

October 2012:

Lovin all the water play in the backyard this year! 

 Amazed by all the boats and skiers at Ski West

First trick-or-treating

November 2012:

Aunt Ashley showing Ryder the ways of the iphone

What you get when trying to get 3 to sit for a picture.  note, this was the best of 10 

Christmas 2012:

Santa, Santa, Santa !

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