Saturday, February 11, 2012

MSPI Resources:

MSPI - milk soy protein INTOLERANCE - dairy and soy and intolerance - it is the large protein their body can not digest
- sometimes 3 days to get a reaction, sometimes hours
- symptoms - colicky, crying, uncomfortable, gassy, mucus poop, exzema, blood in poop
- should grow out of it

though these can vary greatly child to child:
ryder - all of above
kate - exzema, rashes
weston - mucus (like a perpetual cold)

-to begin - no milk products, no animal milks, no soy
-after all symptoms are gone - 30+ days sometimes, you can add 1 item back and see if baby reacts

ryder always continued to react. Kate was able to add soy back in

other allergy testing - I eventually did pediatric allergy testing, just 10 items (dog, cat, milk, eggs, soy, nuts...)

ryder is allergic to soy = no reintroduction

-read labels
-ask questions
-take calcium
-probiotics for baby (easiest to mix into cold baby food at 6mo +)

Cocyntal - natural relief of colic symptoms associated with colic, including gas pain and irritability.
Gripe Water - love it! expensive, so you can just use strong camomile tea (main ingredient in gripe water)

Whole Child Wellness - Belmont - Kandice the nutritionist

Great websites: (facebook and blog) (

Hidden Dairy Cheet Sheet: (recipes and help) in san carlos

-call ahead
-biggest issue i find is butter and vegetable oil (typically has soybean oil in it)

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