Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Boy

1 year, 1 blue eyed smiley boy, where do I start?

Ryder turns 1 today! 365 days, 52 weeks, this is crazy! What an amazing year!

What would life be like without him? Boring. This little guy has changed our lives in ways we had no idea were possible. We moved to make room for this little guy. He has taken over our house, our lives and has stolen our hearts. His pitter patter around the house makes us smile and when is is quiet we know he is into something.

He definitely keeps us on our feet. He rolled over before 3 months, crawled before 6 months and has been walking since Christmas. When he gets into an area he knows he is not supposed to be he turns around, smiles, giggles and takes off. A true boy!

He has a few words that he says often. He says Dada and Mama. He loves to say Hi or scream Hi to people he encounters at the store or out and about. He loves animals and loves to say doggie and kitty. He just started hissing at the cats this week. I guess our cats don't love each other much if that is the noise he associates with them.

He recognizes voices and faces. He loves to talk to Nana on the phone. He spends lots of time turning his picture blocks over and over and looking at all the family we have on our 8 family blocks.

Going out to eat is getting easier since he can sit for longer and enjoy a lot of the food we eat. We joke that he has a hallow leg because this kid can eat the entire time we are sitting at the restaurant!

He loves Music! We started a music class with him a few weeks ago and have gotten a lot of musical instruments for gifts lately. He loved to use things as drums and shake anything that makes noise.

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