Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sleep Training

Jason and I finally decided that we couldn't keep laying/sitting/rocking etc with Ryder for hours to get him to sleep and to stay asleep. Though a good cuddle and nap are nice every once in a while, this process on a daily basis for nite-time and 3 naps was killing us!

I thought I'd share the process our pediatrician had us try:

1) do your regular prepare for bed routine. Ours includes changing Ryder into a nite-time diaper and pj's. Singing twinkle twinkle little star. Then rocking him with his pacifier.

2) We only rock him until he is tired.

3) lay him down with his pacifier and lovey (a nice cuddly blanket with satin edges that he likes)

4) Use your voice and touch to sooth him.

5) leave - and wait 5 minutes

6) if he is crying and upset - go back in after 5

7) only use voice and touch. avoid picking him up.

8) leave for 8 minutes, then 10.....keep the intervals at 10 until he is asleep

This is also done for naps. but only for 1 hour. if he doesn't sleep within the hour. bring him out and play until he shows signs of tiredness. No longer than 2 hours

Our results:

Night 1 (Saturday) he fell asleep after 2 hours

Day 1 (Sunday) we only succeeded in one 25 min nap

Night 2 (Sunday) exhausted = 10 minutes to fall asleep and full 12 hour sleep

Day 2 (Monday) 1 long nap. 1 short

Night 3 (Monday) it took a little over 1 hour for him to fall asleep. He slept 9 hours

Day 3 (Tuesday) no naps in the crib, but a very long nap in the car (2.5 hours)

Night 4 (Tuesday) it took 30 minutes for him to go down. He slept 11 hours

Day 4 (Wednesday) 2 naps in his crib (20 minutes and 1.5 hours)

Night 5 (Wednesday) took an hour to go down. Slept 9 hours

Day 5 (Thursday) one 30 minute morning nap. No nap #2

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