Monday, June 27, 2011

Fathers Day

Ryder had met most of his California family. But one very important one was missing, Great Grandma Eunice. Gabby - as Hunter has named her. So, we went out to Redding for Fathers Day weekend. We stayed with my aunt Sue and Bruce who have the baby thing down! They have 3 (almost 4) grand-babies.

For Fathers Day I had a special outfit for Ryder to greet daddy with. And I took Ryder outside to get some good shots of him. He wasn't too sure about the grass. I guess there is a lot of textures for those sensitive toes and fingers to get used to.

Great Grandma Eunice is my mom's mom. She spent most of Saturday and Sunday with us. She got too ooohh and aaawwww at Ryder and he got to smile and giggle back. It was a blast. She even carried him around for a bit to get some good cuddles in.

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