Friday, December 17, 2010

The Name Game

We found out yesterday that all the babies born during the production of the game Jason is working on will be named in the credits as "Production Babies." This is quite a cute idea and many movies do this too - if you sit long enough in the theater to watch the whole list of credits.

So, what do these beautiful lips look like? (sorry for the funny picture. He's head down so a full face shot is impossible)

Our dilemma, we have two names we love and we cant decide! So, today we are curious to hear your opinions. Here are our top two:

- Tarin Ray Colombo
- Ryder Alec Colombo
- ?


  1. hmmm...i kind of love them both! i feel like ryder is strong and masculine...adn tarin is sweet and awesome! maybe just wait till the tiny peanut'll know which name is fitting by then! xo