Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rerearsal Dinner

Full Dinner or Lunch or Cocktails?

This may seem simple, but there are more combination than you think. You have another venue to choose, more food choices and many different time slots to choose from.

Less expensive choices give you lunch menus or heavy appetizers at dinner time. These are great ways to cut cost and still get everyone together to celebrate.

We found a local brewery that was more casual and priced competitively for dinner. They were a couple dollars more than their competitors and when i mentioned this they nocked off the per person room charge to make their price even with their competitors.

Who do you invite? We found that most people invite the wedding party and all of the out of town guests. This give all of your out of town guests one more event to attend while in town to celebrate with you, soon to be Mr. and Mrs.

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