Saturday, October 10, 2009


You now know who you are marrying, but who is going to marry you?

This may be easily answered if you are a regular member at your local church or synagogue. But what if you aren't?

We had two close couples that we admired and we looked back at their weddings. They both had family or close friends officiate their weddings. This created a more intimate wedding with officiants that they truly knew and could confide in.

We chose to ask my cousin and her husband. A couple that had been together since high school and truly knew the definition of love. They represented to us what we looked forward to having together. They are people that will always be in our life as we start our journey as a married couple.

We chose to go with The Universal Life Church - - for their ordination. Once they are ordained, check with the county you are getting married in to see what paperwork your officiants need to provide

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